The Absurdity of Fuel Price Hike in INDIA


Have you noticed your LPG now cost INR 800 per cylinder? And there are a lot of us who gave up our subsidies willingly on you LPG cylinders! We were told give up your subsidies on LPG so that we can give this to women who cannot afford cylinders by the BJP govt namely MODI. Well, we did it we gave it up, but then why is it now that Modi and the BJP tell us that they take money out of Petrol in order to give cylinders to these poor women. Now we gave you our subsidy money and pay double for LPG, that money should have gone to the poor women, but if the poor women are getting their LPG from Petrol price hikes WHERE HAS MY MONEY FROM THE SUBSIDY GONE? where does our income taxes go, the 1/3rd that gets cut from out salaries, where is that money going? Where is the service tax that you collected for the past 3 yrs before you introduced GST, where does that money go?

Let’s talk about GST, on every single service or thing we buy we are taxes 18% or 5% is it a restaurant, where is that money going? The current government administration has removed the options we had as salaried professionals to save money on home loans, second homes (rental), mutual funds they have systematically taken away all of our tax benefits and we are paying full tax whether we like it or not. Now, where is that money going?

Let’s not forget that we all stood in those tedious lines during demonetization, because the current government promised us a better India. They said “put up with the pain it is temporary, we will promise you a better India”, well WHERE IS THAT BETTER INDIA? Has the corruption gotten any less than it was pre demonetization, has anything gotten better?

What has happened is that so many of us have lost our jobs, so many of us did not get salary raises and so many of us are having trouble making ends meet!

Former finance minister Yashwant Sinha says Demonetisation has cost the country 3lakh crore Rupees! Let get perspective here, this government has spent our money while promising us of retrieving black money stashed away in Swiss banks, from the Panama accounts in the Panama papers, they have made raids via the Income Tax department and made ZERO arrests! They told us of people cheating the system but not one of them have been brought to be booked. Where is Nirav Modi, where is Vijay Mallya, where is Robert Vadra? Why hasn’t a single accusation turned into a proper arrest and proper conviction!

The only person who continues to pay in this country is the salaried Taxpayer, the person who goes to work on a two-wheeler, the person who struggles to keep his house running at the end of the month.

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