Where do you begin? In order to understand Equity and derivative trading and face the financial world understanding the risks involved

In the world of Finance, the better you understand each term, the better you learn and the better you learn, the more you earn. The stock markets provide 2 major components available for trading i.e. Equity & Derivatives Equity shares are that where you become a shareholder by purchasing the shares or the lender by purchasing... Continue Reading →

Understanding and combining two of the hottest technologies of our day i.e BlockChain + Artificial intelligence to achieve Decentralized Apps and business for the future

Machine learning AI has been around since the 1950's, it's not a new technology infact its pretty old technology. But basically the idea has always been the same, we have some data sets/ input datasets and we have some objective i.e something that we want the AI to do eg:- in this case, classify a... Continue Reading →

A birds-eye view to Quantify the probability of certain stock price movements in the future by calculating expected moves and visualize expected moves over time

You might have heard the term "Expected moves" around the time of earnings announcements but all the expected move is the stocks expected price range in the future based on its current option prices. What is a stocks expected move?  : The expected move is the one Standard deviation expected price range for a stock... Continue Reading →

India hits back at Donald Trump by imposing tariffs on 30 items and ups the ante with the USA escalating trade tensions between the two countries

In what could signal escalating trade tensions between New Delhi and Washington, the Centre has written to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) notifying its decision to increase import tariffs on 30 items from the U.S. amounting to $240 million, in retaliation against tariffs imposed by the latter on aluminium and steel imports. the notification to... Continue Reading →

Inevitable Nationwide Bank Strike 2018

Do you remember the demonstration days or the time when SBI made it possible for everyone one to open a zero balance account under our beloved Prime Ministers Jan Dhan Yojna? If you do we know the plight of the bank employees during these times, while we the customers of these banking institutions suffered waiting... Continue Reading →

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